Social Data Research Rally


July 2016

Slides presented by Joy and Laissa

A fast analytics tool, allowing non-IT business users to perform data discovery, develop insights, and create interactive visualizations for management decision making and performance monitoring.

  • Drag and drop reporting
  • Interactive dashboards with drill down capabilities
  • Quick table calculations
  • Geospatial intelligence

Tip: Avoid using Tableau to replicate tabular Excel reports.

Good to use Tableau to get a sense of data
Easy to use for non-programmers, “Show Me” feature recommends visualizations/views of data

Tableau Examples and Resources

Use Tableau Desktop App to create workbooks (to share would need to publish on a server)
Kimberly Shay Morton – Tableau Account Manager for Stanford (

Stanford has a site license for Tableau server
Kumar Priyadarshi, Stanford Administrative Systems, Tableau Server Administrator (
Info needed to set up Stanford Tableau Server account

Stanford Tableau User Group – subscribe to mailing list

Tableau Public Server

D3 (or D3.js) is a JavaScript library for visualizing data using web standards

  • Open Source
  • Web standards – HTML SVG CSS
  • Powerful visualization components
  • Highly customizable
  • Fast, support large datasets, dynamic behaviors for interaction and animation
  • Lots of online resources and examples

D3 Examples & Demo

  • Irina Zaks – showed Stanford Securities Litigation Analytics D3 and Drupal site
  • Developed in response to Law School faculty requests for a platform for data research
  • Drupal – CMS – made it easy for faculty to submit info (upload .csv), share and collaborate
  • D3 – support for customized visualizations

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