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WordPress Plugins and good code samples

October 2008


<div class=”help_register” >

<a href=”/faq/”> <img src=”http://irina.redroom.com/sites/all/themes/redroom/images/questionmark.png”  /> <span> This is the address where we will send emails and newsletters. We won�t share this address with anyone without your permission. </span> </a>

.help_register�� {� position:absolute;�� left: 42em; }
div.help_register a span {display: none;}
div.help_register a:hover { display: block; } /*ie workaround for hover to work */
div.help_register� a:hover span {�� �display: block;
width: 18em;
left: 10px;
border: 1px dotted #900; background-color:#eee; padding: .8em;
z-index: 20;